ANSI/APSP 15 Addenda A changes how to comply with the standard for Residential Swimming Pool and Spa Energy Efficiency requirements.

We have been informed of addenda to ANSI 15 that makes compliance a little easier. However, the changes may or may not be recognized by a Building Department as effective in the Florida Building Code (FBC). The following TWO issues represent changes:

Single Speed Pumps

For pool only systems (no auxiliary flow such as spa or sheer flow), any listed single speed pump may be selected, provided the “motor HP” is less than 1 hp. That is, the “name plate HP” multiplied by the “motor service factor”. That means the following pumps may now be permitted for use on such projects:

AquaPro Sunrunner SUNP2200U

Hayward SP2305X7EE

Hayward SP2305X7EESP

Hayward SP2607EE

Hayward SP2705X7EE

Hayward SP3007EECA

Hayward SP3205EE

Hayward SP3205X7

Sta-Rite P6E6C-204L

Sta-Rite PE52C-180L

Sta-Rite PE5C-180L

Sta-Rite PEA5D-180L

Pentair PFII-P1-3/4A

Pentair WF-2

Pentair WF-23

Pentair WFE-2

Spec Pump A91

Spec Pump A91-1

Spec Pump A91-R

Wayne Water WI90


Jandy Pro Series MHPM 0.75

Jandy Pro Series PHPM 0.75

Jandy Pro Series SWF125

The second change defines the filter sizing based only on the filtration flow, instead of the higher of filtration flow and auxiliary flow. So, the number of spa jets or an in-floor system no longer defines the filter size. However, it remains a valid recommendation to use a larger filter when there is auxiliary flow.