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About Kimes Engineering

Kimes Engineering and Management Services, Inc., was founded in 2003 by highly experienced aquatic and environmental engineering professionals. In addition to our technical expertise, our services are based on exceptional client responsiveness.

Over the past years we have grown with a group of strong design and drafting staff that are capable of getting you the best proect outcomes on a very timely basis.

Over the past years we have grown with a group of strong design and drafting staff that are capable of getting you the best project outcomes on a very timely basis.

The combined knowledge of our principals and staff allows for the seamless integration of all phases of your project. Our key people anchor the firm with a strong history of serving as valuable resources to related professionals who are involved in the design and construction of swimming pools and other aquatic facilities.

Our Work

Kimes Engineering has designed and engineered a full range of projects spanning the state of Florida–from small commercial pools to pools serving 900 units–to spraygrounds with more than 3,000 gpm flow. Our experience includes commercial and public pools, spas, interactive water features, fountains, and coastal pool construction.

Other work includes retaining wall engineering, third party plans review and inspections, county and city building department outsourced services. Kimes Engineering also has a strong background in environmental engineering areas, such as water treatment plant engineering, wastewater plant system, and collection/septic system engineering.

What We Offer

Aquatics & Pool Engineering

Kimes Engineering provides commercial and residential pool aquatic engineering and inspection services for pools, spas andwater features.

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Environmental Engineering

Kimes Engineering has a strong background in drinking water regulation and drinking water treatment technologies as well as small wastewater and septic systems

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Kent Kimes

Kent Kimes, our founder, is recognized as an aquatic engineering expert. His 35 + years of expertise and reputation in state and local government and private practice place him as a highly sought after creator of definitive solutions in aquatic engineering. Kent holds a Master’s in Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences from the University of Central Florida.

Kent’s innovative views and grounded engineering techniques have proven him to be a leader in the field. Maintaining a focus on health and code compliance while incorporating creativity and technology inspires Kent to seek perfection in every project for which Kimes Engineering is a proud partner.

Kathy Kimes

Kathy Kimes, our co-founder, has over 16 years of commercial pool regulation, engineering plan review and inspections. Serving as a regional engineer for the Florida Department of Health, Kathy coordinated the major revision of the “commercial pool rule” and consulted on water park safety and hydraulic engineering.

Kathy had the distinction of being appointed by Govenors Chiles and Bush to the Florida State Swimming Pool Advisory Board for eight years.

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