What Commercial aquatic services do you offer?

We Full engineering services for commercial aquatics - including designs, permit/construction plans, compliance reviews, construction management, lighting study for night swimming certifications, and trouble shooting

How long does it take to get permit plans?

If we are given complete project information, most any project can have 50% plans for client review within three weeks, simple small projects could be done in a week if needed.

When do we need to build additional bathrooms for the commercial aquatic project?

  • When the entirety of one or more residential units are outside a 200 ft radius of the pool or spa water's edge, and the residential buildings are not more than three stories -or-
  • When the available public bathrooms are more than 200 ft walking distance from the pool or spa water's edge -or-
  • When the available public bathrooms are more than 50 ft walking distance inside the building -or-
  • When the existing public bathrooms do not meet the fixture count required by code

What information is needed for quick turnaround of commercial pool plans?

  • Your contract information
  • Owner information
  • Project name and site location
  • Dimensioned pool/spa and deck layout compliant with FBC layout standards
  • Architect contact information, if involved
  • Type of project served and number of stories in buildings
  • Number of units served and number of stories in buildings
  • Pool bathroom information
  • Project preferences such as type of filtration, brand of equipment, etc.

What if my draft plan doesn't meet the current layout standards?

Not a problem, it just requires a draft plan step that may require a little more time

What if I don't have a pool plan or know exactly what the pool should look like?

We are glad to provide a design and layout to meet your desires and the codes

How do we get you going on our project?

Simply fax or email the information you have and we will return a proposal for services and begin work

How much do commercial pool plans cost?

  • Given the above information, minimum pricing is $2,000 for standard skimmer pool plans.
  • Call for quotes on or other types of aquatic facilities.

What if we want interim or final inspections or as-built plans.

We are glad to quote the specific level of services you desire. If any as-built mark up plans are desired, it requires a final inspection by Kimes Engineering to view the final conditions.

What services do you offer the residential contractor?

  • Standard Engineering showing generic compliance with the FBC for submittal with your permit package
  • Site or project specific information to demonstrate compliance with ANSI 7 (suction entrapment) and ANSI 15 (energy) requirements contained in the FBC
  • Supplemental specifications when projects need retaining walls, negative edge details, or other special pool or spa structural situations not covered in the standard engineering