What services do you offer the residential contractor?

  • Standard Engineering showing generic compliance with the FBC for submittal with your permit package
  • Site or project specific information to demonstrate compliance with ANSI 7 (suction entrapment) and ANSI 15 (energy) requirements contained in the FBC
  • Supplemental specifications when projects need retaining walls, negative edge details, or other special pool or spa structural situations not covered in the standard engineering

What do you charge for the standard engineering?

  • $375 per year for unlimited use in a single building department jurisdiction -or-
  • $150 for 12 original signed and sealed sets, for use in any jurisdiction -or-
  • $50 for two sealed sets, for one specific project ($25 if we do the site specific ANSI 7 and ANSI 15 work)

What do you charge for site specific ANSI 7 and ANSI 15 information?

$100, which includes an ANSI 15 sheet and an ANSI 7 sheet with detailed TDH calculations

What if I have a pool with multiple pumps and suction outlets?

We can certainly take care of that, but give us a call for a quote

How do I get your standard engineering?

Simply call or email the information. Tell us who you are, what building departments you work and if you need unlimited/mastered digital use, multiple ink signed originals or digital/ink signed for individual jobs. Send us your pool plan/site plan for the individual jobs, as a code related plan review is always included. We can mail or email those on the next business day.

How do I get the residential ANSI 7 & ANSI 15 site specific information?

  • Simply fax or email your dimensioned plan (and site plan, if the equipment location isn't shown on the plan)
  • Make sure the following information is on the plan or in the fax/email:
    • Project address and owner information
    • Specific brand and model of the recirculation pump
    • Specific brand and model of other pumps
    • Specific brand and size of filter
    • Specific brand and model of heater
    • Number of suction outlets and specific outlet covers you use
    • Any specific pipe sizes you prefer.

What if I am not sure of what sizes or models of equipment?

We are glad to specify equipment within your guidelines and offer draft information for approval

How long will it take for me to get this information?

When we have all the needed specific information, we will get original ink signed or digital signed sets out within two days to five days